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Our Services

The MP Strategic Group offers an array of strategic guidance and expertise throughout both the private and public sectors.

MP Strategic Group offers an array of services in geostrategic research, maritime and land-based supply chain logistics, and consultation. We take a holistic approach to resolving discrepancies and oversights in the global supply chain. Our team at the MP Strategic Group is comprised of many maritime and supply chain professionals, educated in the complexities of global affairs, maritime transportation, logistics, and integrated IT/client support.

Strategic Studies Think Tank

We offer unique and creative insight into all aspects of the international realm. From individuals to corporations, the MP Strategic Group has the ability to provide tailored research to the ever-changing global space. 

  • Writings

  • Custom Diversified Affairs Briefings

  • Infographics

  • Data Analytics

  • Directed Research


Maritime Services

From geostrategy between nation-states to risk management from natural disasters or pandemics, we hope to bring attention to local and oceangoing communities on how these topics affect everyone, as well as provide policy or strategy recommendations.

  • Maritime Trade Dispute Mediation

  • Rapid Emergency Network Deployment

  • Port to Port Analysis

Information Technology Management

We explore solutions for maritime industry professionals to stay connected to the world at sea and in Port.  Our services include remote IT support, hands-on support as well as emergency critical IT support services. The MP Strategic Group understands the complexities surrounding today's networks and strives to provide the most secure enterprise-grade solutions for the public and private sectors. 

  • Backup Autonomous Networks

  • Scalable IT Solutions

  • Emerging Network Deployment for Maritime Use



As the world changes, we strive to focus on local and regional effects of the ever-moving world of logistics. From commercial impacts to social affairs, we wish to see no part of the world forgotten. 

  • Emergency Situation Monitoring

  • Geopolitical Disputes

  • Global Personalized Solutions

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