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Geostrategic Directed Research

Infographic and Deliverable Support


Supporting your Fleet


-Maritime Regulation and Policy Research 
-Deliverable Assistance 
-Maritime Intelligence 
-Grant Writing 
-Comparative Maritime Policy 
-Directed Research 
-Maritime Security Research 
-Sea Traffic Monitoring 
-Infographic Production 
-Route Visualization 


Augmenting your Scope


-Open Source Intelligence 

-Deliverable Assistance 
-Conflict Monitoring 
-Diverse Subject Insight 
-Mapping and Geographic Support 
-Directed Research 
-Open Source Financial Investigations 
-Social Network Analysis 
-Infographic Production 
-Route Visualization 


Latest Reports

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Satelite Discs

Our Vision

MPSG believes in a holistic, omnibus perpensis approach to research and public information sharing on matters related to international affairs, maritime affairs, and the global supply chain. With a team of experts in maritime, geopolitical, and supply chain professions, MPSG is prepared to take on any project to assist in the public or private domain. By providing detailed in-depth geostrategic research and insightful visualizations, we wish for clients and the public to gain a 360-degree view of rising issues and opportunities that they may face in the maritime and geopolitical space.

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